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About me
Albert Seghers is born in  South part of the Netherlands (province "Zeeland" ) his birth year : 1964.

At the age of 14 , he developped a passion for photography and bought a camera with the first savings he got from his grandparents.

Since many years now he works full-time for magazines,agencies,newspapers and other clients, inland and abroad.

Its photos were worldwide published:
The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy,England, USA, China, Norway, Mexico, Canada, etc....
And that in more than hundreds several magazines,newspapers,internet sites and on TV.
Beside all that work Albert Seghers is also an artist.
He has a passion for artistic model photography in black & white.

Sometimes he make sensual/tender photowork from his models. On the other hand "speech-making" photoshoots.

His beautiful, artistic birthdaycalendar has been launch on the market and also for sale by way of internet.

Look to the birthday calendar   >>>